Maritime Motorsports Hall of Fame Plans Helmet Display

PETITCODIAC, NB (August 20, 2012) - The Maritime Motorsports Hall of Fame (MMHF) is hoping to incorporate a 'History of Helmets' display at their museum in the near future. The extent of the display, and its debut, will be dependent on the participation of those who have been involved in any genre of Maritime motorsports, at any time since its inception.

Helmets were introduced to sports in the late 1800s as a way to help reduce head injuries. Their style, construction and the materials used, have changed as technology and requirements of sanctioning bodies have dictated.

Pith helmets, typically made of cork and created for sun protection, were first used but soon replaced with a padded leather head protector that was less susceptible to breaking on impact. Gradually leather was replaced by a hard shell lined with foam; a style that has evolved from half-shell to full-head to full-face , from heavy to feather light, from flammable to fire-retardant, and from hot to fully ventilated.

And often, helmets worn by motorsports competitors are decorated with their 'mark', be it their number, nickname, or another embellishment that is meaningful to them.

While helmets of the past were often a matter of personal preference their use, style, type, level of protection, and even their age, is often dictated by rules that govern competition.

With the history of Maritime motorsports reaching as far back as the turn of the 20th century (1900s) so does the history of helmets used in competition - a history the Maritime Motorsports Hall of Fame would like to document - but they need your help.

If you have, or know of, a helmet that has been used in Maritime motorsports competition - any genre or age - that could be included in the display either at the museum or virtually on the MMHF website please call 506.756.2110 or visit

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